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I have used Heidi and Nicki for 3 separate days with specific aims to help me de clutter and get organised in the house after a few years where things had slipped due to being too busy and overloaded with other priorities. I was quite nervous initially and frankly a bit embarrassed asking for help. I need not have worried from the outset they were very understanding, non judgemental and highly professional. It is incredible what can be achieved in a short time the girls worked very hard alongside me and helped keep the momentum going so the job would be finished. Saying that they carefully judged how I was coping along the way and worked at my pace backing off at times and then picking the pace up at other times. After 2 days work before Christmas it is clear that the systems they helped me put in place are working and yesterday we finished off the last bit I needed help with. With Heidi and Nicki’s guidance I now have a house that I’m in control off I have recycled a huge amount of things I had been holding onto waiting to find a ‘home’ for and I can relax in my home for the first time in a long time.  I wish I done it earlier - I can’t recommend them highly enough you couldn’t hope to work alongside 2 nicer helpful women .
Mrs B, Otford

Following a bereavement, I hired All Organised to help clear out six decades of accumulation so the family home could be sold.  Heidi and Nicki arrived on time and were always keen to get started.  Their tips on presenting the house were invaluable and they worked tirelessly and sensitively during a difficult time.  The results after four days were so miraculous that I hired Nicki and Heidi to come and work their magic decluttering my house.  I found Heidi and Nicki to be kind and caring people and non-judgment, which was important to me given the state of my house.  They were totally trustworthy and the cost was very reasonable.  



I can highly recommend All Organised. They helped us at a traumatic point in our lives, and made a huge difference to my ability to manage our house and family alongside all the horrible things that were going on. We’ve also used them post-build, to reorganise

They are kind, non-judgemental and gentle, but they perform absolute miracles. It’s like having a pair of fairy godmothers in the house.


EB - Sevenoaks

Such lovely words from one from our local families.  It was our absolute pleasure to help and we were thrilled to see the stunning transformation of their lovely home.


Testimonial on our local Sevenoaks Womens Forum Facebook Group recommending our services...


So sorry to hear about your friend. These ladies do it professionally and they are fantastic, super understanding, sympathetic, efficient and great at organising and sorting but also in putting effective procedures in place and streamlining things. 


Dear Nicki,  Thank you for recommending the removers.  They were excellent in every respect and made the move as stressless as possible.  Thank you for all your help with all of the practicalities.  It certainly made things easier.  


Mr and Mrs J

Relocating to retirement accommodation from Meopham to Surrey

Dear Heidi and Nicki

Thank you so much for all your help when I was struggling to know where to start in clearing my friend’s extremely cluttered house. Not only was your expertise invaluable - I had no idea about the value of some of the goods - but your friendly enthusiam helped to keep me motivated.  The house is now unrecognisable from the one you first walked into! I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone who needed such help.
GC Sevenoaks

Dear Heidi, 


I cannot thank you enough for all the work you did in helping me move. Moving is a very stressful time and your help took away that stress for me. I would recommend any one moving to ask for your service.  Thank you so much!
Peter Russell
All Organised is affilicated with The Senior Move Partnership, and help with the transition to Churchill Retirement developments.  In conjunction with our colleages we are able to assist with nationwide relocations.


Nicki and Heidi were so friendly and organised in their work that my garage has been cleared and I now know where to find things after many years!  They are very hard working and professional and I hope they can come back and help me with other parts of the house.


DG, Orpington

Dear Nicki and Heidi,


I just wanted to thank you again for your help - firstly, you made de-cluttering and organising the cellar a much easier (and more pleasant) task than I had built it up to be, and it is now much easier to actually use!  And secondly, for your help last week sorting and rearranging the children's bedrooms. The kids really enjoyed the process and you saved me HOURS - it was a job we kept meaning to get to but never did, whilst in the meantime it got steadily worse!


Thank you..

Lucy (Tonbridge)


It was wonderful working with these absolutely delightful children who, despite their relatively young age, remained focussed, engaged and unfailingly polite throughout the process.  They were a real credit to their parents.

Just wanted to share my very positive experience of using All Organised this week. I really enjoyed working with Nicki and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to declutter or organise their home.


Nicki spent two days with me decluttering and organising our belongings in preparation for a move overseas. She helped me work out what to keep, what to donate, what to sell and what to chuck, and helped me to organise everything that's staying. She wasn't afraid to get stuck in either, whether she was organising screws, untangling necklaces, working through damp boxes in the garage or lugging stacks of children's books upstairs - nothing was too much trouble. Before she came I'd felt a bit nervous about letting someone see what we'd been holding onto but she was totally professional and very personable - didn't even raise an eyebrow when I discovered a tin of pogs from my school days! I just wish I'd called them in sooner.


Victoria M, Sevenoaks

I found Heidi and Nicki to be approachable, confident and considerate.


This was exactly the right combination of factors to clear the house without me feeling overwhelmed.  I felt I could trust their judgement and make progress at a pace that I would never have managed alone.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.


Phillipa,  Sevenoaks

I’m so so pleased with the garage. It’s already been used many times and we all love being able to find things so easily!


I’ve got another shelving unit (just need to build it) and I’ve ordered the chalk labels.


We’re going to work through the other boxes and sort them out, then I’m planning on sorting my upstairs storage in the new year.


Thanks again for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated.


Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Sally, Sevenoaks

We just need some general help as before. This time my husband actually suggested it so that is testament to how pleased he was with results last time!


Karen E

We are so very grateful & appreciative for all the help, support & enthusiasm you’ve both offered during the first 2 sessions & it has been absolutely amazing to see the transformation in such a short space of time. After meeting you both for the initial consultation I knew I had made the right decision & really looked forward to embarking on the journey with you.


***** is so pleased with his newly organised & increased space & is looking forward to having his bedroom transformed further in November.


Amanda, Rochester

When we decided to move from a rented property to a retirement apartment one of our Sons and our Daughter in law suggested that we needed the services of a company called All Organised. As a result of their help it has meant that we are now in a state that we have not been in since we returned from our Honeymoon sixty-five years ago. We are totally de-cluttered, more organised than we have ever been and without any of the stress usually associated with moving house. Gently persuading you to part with those things that you should have scrapped years ago and cataloguing the memorabilia that you thought you had lost.


Heidi and Nicki know exactly what they are doing and are a delight to work with. In fact work is not the right word as they do it all!


David and Sally P, moving from Sevenoaks to Orpington

Thank you so much for all your help last week - I can honestly say I wouldn't have achieved a tenth if I'd tried to do it on my own. I would have found the tasks overwhelming without you both taking charge and it was also very enjoyable working with you!


Thanks for fitting me in before the arrival of our second baby. Having been admitted to hospital earlier than expected and for longer than expected, it has been such a relief to know that everything is ready for the new baby and all of our toddler's belongings are organised so that my husband and extended family can easily look after her while I'm in hospital. I know I would have been much more worried had you not performed your organisational magic!

Jill, Sevenoaks

Nicki and Heidi from All Organised spent the day with me, helping me to declutter an embarassingly huge amount of stored items in my spare bedroom.  I needed the motivation and backbreaking hard work they offered, with great sensitivity to my possessions and those of my mother's, and their wonderful humour which often had me creasing up with laughter.  They are simply delightful.


I would ot hesitate to ask for their help again if needed.

Katie, Orpington

I really enjoyed our session on Monday and feel so much better for it!


Thank you for all your valuable help and advice.  I wish you could come every day!!


E, Penshurst

I bless the day we first spoke on the telephone and am so very grateful to you both for all you have done to help me get ready for my great antipodean adventure. As Christopher Robin said to Winnie-the-Pooh "Without you the whole thing would have been impossible" and Pooh thought "That sort of a bear!" You really are both "That sort of a bear" and I shall be eternally grateful to you.


Sorting out everything in my flat and sifting out the wheat from the chaff was something I could never have tackled on my own - it was far too daunting and that you managed to get it all done in the short space of time before I had to fly out to my new life in Australia was nothing short of a miracle. You were very kind and sympathetic too which made it so much easier to pass on things I no longer needed to other people who could make good use of them. It was so good to know that, through your contacts I was able to make life a little bit better for people who are less fortunate than I am. You were great fun to work with and there was lots of laughter included in our days together. I am sad that they are now at an end and, as the final kindness, it was a delight to see the empty flat looking absolutely perfect after you had arranged for the carpets to be professionally cleaned then cleaned the whole flat so that it gleamed and looked as good as it did on the day I moved in 13 years ago!


Kindest regards and blessings,

RG, Kings Hill

I approach moving house with a sense of dread and trepidation - the thought of organising, packing, unpacking, the disorganised chaos is something I find hugely stressful. So I feel incredibly lucky to have come across the wonderful Nicki and Heidi at All Organised who have held my hand through 2 house moves and a large house reorganisation. They turn up and tackle the project in a methodical, organised way - each day we made great leaps forward in getting our family home in order to the point that Nicki and Heidi finished ahead of time! There were times when things got a bit too much and I felt that there was no end in sight, and this was when Nicki and Heidi picked me up, dusted me off and guided me through the next task. Not many people can get the right balance between "getting things done" and being kind - but Nicki and Heidi have got this just right which is due to their lovely personalities. They were a pleasure to have around - now I just need to find another project so I can have them back.

K, Otford Hills


Dear Heidi & Nicki,


Thank you very much for all the hard work, the unbelievable amount of energy you displayed, the kindness and he patience you showed these days. And with a smile!  Wow, ladies, you rock!  We are soo happy with our "new" home! We wish you a safe trip back, a well deserved rest and all the love you can get from your families (who are surely very happy to have you back).  Kindest regards from all us three. 



Brussels, Belgium



This lovely family booked us after reading a storage supplement in which we featured in House Beautiful Magazine.  We helped them to reorganise their home after many moves and a renovation project.

Dear Heidi and Nicki,

Thank you both so much for getting the house completely organised. The study is a great room and I enjoyed the entire process. Best wishes,

CFS of New Ash Green

We helped this client organise her home and gave advise on presenting it for sale.  Moving the study area from the living area to the spare box room created a feeling of space and gave a purpose to an unused room.  The house was placed on the market following our visit and sold very quickly.

Thank you Heidi and Nicki for a great session decluttering and reorganising my house.  The thought of sorting through it all was very daunting, but your relaxed, professional and efficient manner made it feel easy and I can't believe how much we achieved.  It was very liberating to throw away the clutter and my house feels much more homely.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed the day - which is something I would never have thought I could say!

Sarah, Sevenoaks

The chaos in our home was miserable and our cupboards were all overflowing and disorganised.  My office was so crammed with papers and materials I could not concentrate.  However, Heidi and Nicki have transformed our home and I wholeheartedly recommend and commend them.  They have worked tirelessly and at speed to strip out, reorganise and tidy all our toy areas, clothes cuboards, home office and kitchen.  It has created so much more space and we have not had to throw out too much - although this is the next step.  They are absolute pleasures to work with and also come with great storage saving ideas and fantastic suggestions of what to put where and how.  This has meant everthing has a place and we know where to find it!  Thank you both SO much for bringing order and serenity back into a very busy household with the challenge of children and toys!  See you next week to do the shed... we cannot wait!


JN, Sevenoaks

Thank you Heidi and Nicki, you helped galvanise momentum with a difficult job, at a difficult time in our lives.... I needed a dignified and compassionate resolution and by employing you I felt the whole process got the energetic lift necessary to make significant and permanent change in our home.


Anon (East Sussex)


Hi Heidi and Nicki
Just to let you know that with less than a week to my party I feel really calm thanks to both of you!

I would recommend your brilliant service to anyone. You were a reassuring voice from when I first contacted you. You provide a highly professional service but are also friendly and non-judgemental about the piles of clutter. My sceptical husband has been entirely won over. I can honestly say  that your visit has inspired me to get the rest of the house sorted as well and I have never been so organised!

Please do put this on your website,
Best Wishes
K (Canterbury)

Thank you so much to both you and Nikki for the terrific job you did in facilitating my move and downsizing.

You were tireless workers,  a great source of info and support, and really made the whole thing virtually effortless. It was so important to have someone to share the load with, and to help me feel the project was manageable, from the initial clearing out of accumulated belongings, through to the unpacking and repositioning after the move.


I have been showing off my lovely new home to a few of my friends, and have sung your praises – You deserve much of the credit for how nice it looks.


I am also happy to speak to any potential clients if they want to discuss your services.
I have just recommended you to another lady who is doing the same thing as me but hasn’t yet sold or purchased – she is just starting the clear out as she put it, so she will probably ring you once she gets totally overwhelmed as I did.


J Wallace, Chiddingstone

Dear Nicki, Heidi,

It worked a treat having you both there I am sure that you felt that the house was not as ship shape as you hoped but you need to remember they had over 200 boxes and by the time you left you had reduced that to a handful. Despite my parents’ initial protestations at having any help they were extremely grateful for all you both did and now they have had a couple of days to live there and get used to the place they are in the process of deciding what furniture is staying and what is going. Mum is now at the stage of putting flowers everywhere which is her forte so all the agro of moving is already a distant memory. You offer a great service and I will keep my ears open for any opportunities that may be of interest to you.

RM, East Sussex

Booked on behalf of her parents who were downsizing

I called All Organised in desperation.  Disorder was threatening my marriage and affecting my peace of mind.  After having surgery and due to go back to work soon - I needed help and fast.  Nicki and Heidi responded to my request for an urgent visit and turned up bang on the appointed time.  They were sensitive, caring and worked like troopers to clear out years of accumulated 'stuff'.   I was finally able to breath easier.  Left with 2 groups of bags: 1 set for the dump and the other for the charity shop.


I will be contacting them again.  Thinking about getting organised?  Just call them - you won't regret it and they make it so much easier to get organised.


Anon, Sittingbourne


I contacted All Organised after selling a property in France and moving the contents to our garage in the UK.  The garage had become difficult to access I didn't really know where to make a start with the reorganisation.


They turned up on time and the job was completely finished in a 3 hour time slot (I had thought it would take at least a day).


Things were sorted into 'stuff' to keep, piles for the charity shop and piles for the tip.  I worked alongside advising and made runs to the local dump where a lot was recycled.


I would highly recommend this service.

Sue, Brede (East Sussex)

"After we moved house, our garage was the dumping ground for everything for which we couldn't find a place, including moving crates stacked floor to ceiling that we couldn't face unpacking ourselves.


We called Nicki and Heidi - they arrived at 9:00 a.m. sharp, got stuck in unpacking and sorting, and talking through decisions on what to keep, what to give to charity, and what to throw away. By the end of the day, everything was unpacked, organised into common sense categories, and easily accessible - and we could finally get our cars in the garage!


They helped us do in one day what would have taken us a month or more to get through on our own".


Alison P, Sevenoaks

“Thanks so much for helping me re-organising my kitchen. Your system has literally changed my life for the better and there is nothing that isn't working! I absolutely love everything in its place and unpacking the dishwasher has never been so quick and easy. We had a dinner party for ten on Saturday night and everything was so easy to get to. My guests were all very impressed - in fact; every visitor since you came has been shown inside my cupboards! To be honest, you actually spurred me on and using your techniques, I have managed to do the dining room myself. Something that would never have happened had I not been watching you work”.


Alison, Swanley Village (Kent)

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