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When someone you love dies, there are not only an overload of emotional issues to deal with, but also a daunting amount of practicalities - amongst many others, disposal of their belongings.

Getting rid of a loved one’s possessions is an acknowledgement that they have passed away. This does not mean you are dishonouring them, only that you realise that you have to deal with the practical issues as you are moving towards a new phase of your life.


There is never a right or a wrong time to deal with their possessions, and bereavement councillors are all agreed that how and when you start coming to terms with a death will vary from person to person.  Trust your instincts about when you are ready. Everyone reacts differently, each grieving process being unique to that individual.  For some people it is a gradual process of coming to terms with their loss and for others it is easier to deal with their grief by disposing of things quickly. 

But unfortunately there are sometimes some time constraints, especially if a probate sale is in progress. All Organised can provide you with that an extra pair of hands to deal with it in an efficient, but compassionate manner.

We at All Organised recommend that you dispose of things at your own pace.  If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and feel that you are in need of help dealing with disposal or storage of personal items, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

We will work closely and respectfully with you in this difficult task; helping you to sort through the things that have sentimental value to you and other possessions which you are not emotionally attached to and can pass on to others for their enjoyment or use. But most importantly: we will work under your instructions and at your pace.


There are certain events in our lives that implicate a major change in your lifestyle. Some of these changes might be exciting, such as moving in with a partner or the expectancy of an addition to the family. Others might be traumatic when the change might not involve a choice, but rather a necessity - such as redundancy at work, ill health, the passing away of a loved one or the break up in a relationship.

Whatever the reason might be; the implications are all very much the same. There are certain possessions that you need to get rid of in order to free yourself of the old lifestyle and prepare yourself for the new one.

All Organised can help you with these changes whether it is decluttering or helping you to get rid of unwanted posssessions or helping to create a space for a new phase in your life.


Here are some situations where our help and expertise might come in useful -

  • When you are downsizing to a smaller house or retirement home it takes careful consideration which possessions to take and what to discard.
  • With the arrival of an addition to the family - whether it is a new baby or relative who comes to live with you - you might need to free up a room or make more effective use of the space you have.
  • As chidren grow up and/or leave home, the functions of certain rooms might evole into a room more useful at a specific stage in your life.  We can help you turn a previous playroom into a hobby room or change a child who has left home's bedroom into a more neutral guest bedroom.

As more and more people tend to work from home, a seldom used guest bedroom or even a portion of a reception room can successfully be transformed into a tucked away home office.


We can help you transform a previous ill-used room into the living quarters of a paying guest.


We understand what you have collected over many years cannot be dealt with in hours and therefore we will work at a pace with which you are comfortable.


Call us for a consultation and find out how we can make the transition a smoother one.

Thank you so much for all your help last week - I can honestly say I wouldn't have achieved a tenth if I'd tried to do it on my own. I would have found the tasks overwhelming without you both taking charge and it was also very enjoyable working with you!

Thanks for fitting me in before the arrival of our second baby. Having been admitted to hospital earlier than expected and for longer than expected, it has been such a relief to know that everything is ready for the new baby and all of our toddler's belongings are organised so that my husband and extended family can easily look after her while I'm in hospital. I know I would have been much more worried had you not performed your organisational magic!


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Struggling for ideas for Birthday gifts?  Why not treat someone to a professional decluttering session?  Please contact us and we will advise of payment options and will send your voucher electronically or by post.

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