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How do I book?


Just fill in our contact us form and we will phone you back.  Alternatively just give us a call on 01732 779611 and we will be happy to have a preliminary chat with you.


Where do I start?


The most important thing is making the decision to start!  It is best to tackle one room at a time.  The positive energy of having a clear space in your home is often all you will need to have a constructive impact and get going on the rest.


How long will it take?


We will endeavour to give you an accurate estimate of time at our initial free consultation session.  It really depends on what you need.  Show us your problem areas and we will quote you a time and cost estimate for each area.  A huge amount of progress can be made short space of time.


Do I need to provide refreshments?


Should your booking fall over a lunchtime period please do not feel you have to feed us; we will provide our own food.  However, as decluttering can be quite physical we would very much appreciate a short break and a cup of tea every couple of hours.


Do I need to be there?


Yes, during decluttering sessions we will need to work as a team and you will need to make the ultimate decision as to what stays and what goes.  However, we will work to sort items into sections and discuss before everything is put back in order.  You will not need to be with us the whole time, just on hand to answer questions and make those de-cluttering decisions.


You would not need to be available for us to unpack a move as it is possible to let us know where you want things in advance of a moving in date.


Will you make me throw away all my possessions?


Not at all!  We will work with you to ensure what is best for you. However, remember the aim of decluttering is to REDUCE stuff - not just move it around your home!


If it is proving a problem though, we may suggest boxing things and putting them in the garage.  After a couple of months most clients find that they haven't needed the items and are so pleased with the results that they don't want to re-introduce the clutter.


Contact us

Please feel free to ring us on any of the numbers below. If we are with our clients we probably won't pick up but if you leave us a message we will give you a call as soon as we are able -



07790 403987 (Nicki)

01732 779611 (Nicki)

01732 452090 (Heidi)

07733 266940 (Heidi)




Or you are welcome to use our contact form.




Struggling for ideas for Birthday gifts?  Why not treat someone to a professional decluttering session?  Please contact us and we will advise of payment options and will send your voucher electronically or by post.

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